HAA Political Action Committee Events and Activities

The HAAPAC is our industry’s voice in government. We need your participation and perspective to keep that voice strong.
The HAAPAC participates in local and state political campaigns, helping candidates who support the apartment industry and its supplier businesses.

2022 HAAPAC Meetings:
All HAAPAC Meetings are held at HAA (4810 Westway Park Blvd.) at 12 P.M. and are open to all HAAPAC Members.
To register for all HAAPAC Meetings for the year and get free lunches- sign up for the Fast Track program here. 

Monday, January 10th
Tuesday, February 8th
Wednesday, March 23rd
Thursday, April 21st
Wednesday, June 15th
Wednesday, August 24th
Tuesday, September 20th
Wednesday, October 19th
Tuesday, November 29th

2022 Steering Committee Meetings
The Steering Committee acts as the PAC Board of Directors. Steering Committee Meetings are closed to Steering Committee members only. To join the Steering Committee, click here
Meeting details will be released to the committee as the information becomes available. 

Tuesday, April 12th
Tuesday, August 16th
Tuesday, November 15th

Fundraising Events:
Without political capital, our industry would not be as successful in representing you or your clients’ interests, and thus, your financial well-being. 

April 14th | Top Golf HAAPAC Fundraiser
October 3rd | Dinerstein Memorial Golf Tournament