Looking for Education Offerings in YOUR Area? Check out what classes we are bringing to you for 2020!

Learning Today For A Better Tomorrow!

HAA is reaching out to better serve our members by bringing different educational offerings to different parts of HAA's 12-county service area.

NEW for 2020! HAA will be offering FOUR outlying Education seminars taught by some of the best nationally-acclaimed speakers in the industry. 

NOTE Dates and Locations are subject to change. Please check the HAA calendar. 

For the following four programs:
Check in at 8:30 a.m.
Program from 9 a.m. to noon
All location TBA

Cost: $50 prepaid/ $75 at the door


4/09/2020 - Sugar Land - CANCELED

5/28/2020 - Pasadena - CANCELED

7/15/2020 - The Woodlands - CANCELED

9/09/2020 - Pearland


Sugar Land Education Outreach - Selling to the Consumer of the 21st Century...Not Your Father's Chevy or Your Mother's Jeans! With Anne Sadovsky 

Buyers are buying differently, however many of us are still trying to sell the same old way! This session is a wake up call... Maybe it is time to ask yourself some tough questions; Am I the right person for the job? Can I and will I perform and sell in this market? Do I have the necessary sales education and skills?

Pasadena Education Outreach - Throwing Shade: The Secrets of Dealing With Difficult People with Rommel Anacan

We are wired for connection. We are designed to want relationships with people and to need people. Yet if we're honest the biggest cause of stress, anger and frustration in our lives are often cause by people! So, the very thing we need, want and desire is the very thing that drives us crazy. In Throwing Shade you'll discover how to effectively deal with the difficult people in your life in ways that build connection and trust, and without making any situation even worse.

The Woodlands Education Outreach - Us Vs. Them Mentality: Bridge the Gap Between The Office and Maintenance Teams to Work Together as One with Amy Kosnikowski Dilisio
The ideal teamwork scenario is people coming together using their individual skills, idea and support to achieve a common goal. Why is this shared vision and cooperation so difficult to achieve with the office and maintenance team?'

Discover solutions to this common onsite challenge along with proven ideas to succeed together. Amy will reveal the importance and secrets of effective communication, mutual respect, and role appreciation. Learn how to bridge the most common "gaps" and methods to unify as a team. You will leave this program with the tools to unite and motivate your team with clear steps to succeed.

Pearland Education Outreach - Build & Better Your Leasing Performance for Improved Results with Amy Kosnikowski Dilisio

Come ready for a jam-packed class covering the tools that are essential to jump-start a career or to re-ignite the passion in leasing. Attend this session to master telephone techniques, product knowledge, proven leasing and closing skills plus the steps to vital customer follow up.

You will discover how to develop customer rapport, methods to create a connection and all the essentials to uncover the prospects needs for a home. Learn the best leasing tools and technology to use to generate interest and gain commitment. You will leave this fun and inspiring program with all the fundamentals necessary to successfully turn leads into leases. You will never look at leasing the same again!

Learning Points:

  • What are the basics?
  • The Success Factors
  • Product Knowledge
  • Essential Steps to Master The Telephone
  • Qualifying, Tour, & Presentation Tips
  • Closing Techniques That Work
  • Steps to Critical Follow Up
  • Tools & Resources