Food will be collected during the month of November.  
A few ideas for collecting at your community 

Identify central and highly visible areas, and designate them as your official display/food collection locations.

Decorate a display/food collection area and a box for food collection (does not need to be from the Food Bank) to draw attention to collection & to make your food drive more fun.

Place a flier at each resident's door or in your newsletter or place a flier in the mailbox area to announcing you will be collecting food during November and where to donate.  

Fun Ideas  for collecting.

Food Bank Logos  for your promotional material. 

Food Bank Most Needed Items 

Once the property collection is complete, the property will bring the food to a designated location for volunteers to then pack it up and prepare it for delivery to the food bank.

If you can't collect food but want to help, here is a link to donate money directly to the Houston Food Bank and give HAA credit. HAA Food Bank Donation Page