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Hurricane season begins June 1st and ends November 30.  Keep your management team, renters, and property well-prepared with the following resources. Follow this link for details on the City of Houston disaster preparedness guide.  emergency planning.


Advice for Property Managers:

  • Identify local Emergency Management Contacts (for example, police and fire departments).
  • Identify families that may need special assistance in an evacuation. Encourage them to register through the Emergency 2-1-1 number immediately. Also, forward their names to the local Emergency Management Contact.
  • Establish an emergency phone number and point of contact for your residents to get in touch with if they are forced to evacuate. You’ll want them to be able to report to you on their location and current condition. You may wish to use the emergency phone number that must be posted on site for after-hours maintenance emergencies.
  • If your property is assisted or insured by HUD, know how to contact the HUD Property Manager assigned to your apartment complex. Call this person to report damage, or dislocated tenants. Make sure your HUD Property Manager has an emergency contact number for you.
  • Make a plan for securing/transporting important management files.

To help protect your property from the force of hurricane winds, board up doors and windows with plywood or install storm shutters. Keep in mind that winds are stronger at higher elevations.  High winds could pose a greater threat to high-rise apartments or condos. Take care to secure any patio furniture, planters or other items which could break glass or cause injury. Also encourage renters to consider renter's insurance for their personal belongings. You can find more information on renter's insurance here.


Evacuation and Hurricane tracking

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