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Event Date(s)

Avenues Mainstreet: Session 1
Thursday, February 07, 2019 08:30 AM

Avenues Mainstreet Session II
Tuesday, March 12, 2019 08:30 AM

Avenues Mainstreet - Session III
Tuesday, April 16, 2019 08:30 AM

Avenues Mainstreet - Session IV
Tuesday, June 04, 2019 08:30 AM

Avenues Mainstreet - Session V
Thursday, August 15, 2019 09:00 AM

APPLE: Core - Session VI
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 09:00 AM

APPLE: Core Track


CORE programs are designed for all on-site and entry-level multifamily professionals, including:

  • Leasing Professionals
  • Managers
  • Maintenance personnel 

CORE covers the core subjects of multifamily:

  • Fair Housing
  • Customer service
  • Sales skills
  • Communication
  • Life skills

Detailed Session Descriptions

APPLE: Core -  Session 1
February 7th
The Power of Persuasion: Expanding Your Personal Influence
With Lisa Trosien
Learn the concepts of ethical persuasion in this powerful class for anyone in sales! Whether you lease for a living or sell to apartment communities, this program will teach you ways to persuade your customer that your product is the best. From techniques such as the Weigh Metaphor, Personal Commitment, Choosing and more, you'll leave with a new set of strategies to improve your sales. This class previewed at NAA's Apartmentalize last year to a packed house and rave reviews.

APPLE: Core - Session 2
March 6th
"How to Deal with Difficult People.  So Many People…So Little Time!
With Jackie Ramstedt
We are living in an incredibly stress-filled world these days and unfortunately horrible, sometimes life altering situations can occur, and occur quickly in the blink of an eye. Your response in these situations is crucial to the outcome. Some people seem to have that "black cloud" hanging over them, meaning NOTHING you do could make them happy. We are in an age of "PEOPLE" management not necessarily property management; these demanding individuals with increasing needs and problems drain every bit of patience we have making our tolerance levels literally gone! There are so many people our onsite teams have to deal with on a regular basis including residents, prospects, vendors, governmental agencies, law enforcement personnel, shoppers, testers, other teammates, and ourselves! How do we prepare for all these different personalities and levels of confrontation and cultivate their ability to "think quickly" on our feet while helping to not only de-escalate a situation, but actually solve the customer's problem while maintaining loyalty to our property?


APPLE: Core - Session 3
April 24th 
Top Ten Fair Housing Fails 
 With Katie Rigsby
Fair Housing mistakes can be costly and many of the common complaints are avoidable if personnel is knowledgeable and well trained. In this interactive session, attendees will hear 10 of the most common Fair Housing "fails" and learn how to prevent discrimination by handling questions, complaints and resident issues with professionalism and according to Fair Housing guidelines. Ideal for those new to the industry or needing continuing education, participants will leave with a thorough understanding of the Fair Housing laws and their responsibility as industry professionals.


APPLE: Core - Session 4
June 5th
Putting the Resident BACK in Resident Retention
With Lisa Trosien
Our residents are paying more than ever for their rent, but are they getting more than ever in return? This session takes a look at ways to put the resident back at the forefront of your staff and community. We'll look at transitioning from prospect to resident, how to create the perfect move in, innovative resident activities and ways to show your residents (on a regular basis) how much value they are getting for their rental dollars. Highly interactive, fun and educational, this session is a 'must' for all on site professionals. 


APPLE:  Core - Session 5
August 7th
Dear Residents: We Love You So Much We're Raising Your Rent
With Jackie Ramstedt
Leasing today to a savvier, well informed prospect is challenging at best, but even more difficult is convincing our current residents that these renewal increases are actually worth it. How can we persuade them of the "added value" concept if we haven't shown that value throughout their current lease term? Once the "honeymoon" is over, now real life issues begin to emerge. Promises made during that initial relationship phase are put to the test. Miscommunications, lack of compassion, or negative responses to emotional situations can become a harsh reality. How can you exceed that expectation the resident has and ensure renewal, because as they say, "I pay a lot of money to live here…and now you want more?!"


APPLE: Core - Session 6
October 11th
Sales Isn't for Sissies
With Katie Rigsby
This three part, interactive program uses the acronym SISSY to highlight what it takes to be successful in sales. Learn the Do's and Don'ts of social media marketing and what you can do to market your community for FREE! Participants will be challenged to share common customer objections and work together to create thoughtful and understanding responses in order to overcome the objection and bring the sale to a close. Attendees will learn how important a positive customer experience is to reducing turnover, increasing occupancy and maintaining a positive reputation. Whether you're a management company, owner or vendor you don't want your team to miss this session of motivation and education!

Key Takeaways:

 Learn how to become a more effective sales person and increase occupancy

 Master the art of overcoming objections to seal the deal

 Understand how effectively using social media can reduce turnover and increase traffic

 Recognize the key role you play in successfully marketing and selling your property

 Establish a plan to increase customer satisfaction and build a positive reputation

 Obtain valuable knowledge about today's renter

Program Times  

8:30 a.m. - Check-in begins
9 a.m. to 12 p.m. - Program

Course Location

Unless otherwise noted, all HAA Education classes and events will take place at the Dinerstein Reed Prokop Education Center, 4810 Westway Park Blvd., Houston, Texas 77041.

The CORE Track of APPLE is sponsored by:
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