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The Exchange is a forum where property management company leaders are seated at tables while supplier representatives move around the room, selecting the individuals they wish to visit.  Each visit has a five minute limit. Many thanks to all our participants for 2017.  We raised over $50,000 for education scholarships! 

Date: TBA for 2018

Suppliers:   You have access to a number of property management personnel from Owner Executives to Maintenance Supervisors. The first two participants will pay $350.00 each with an option for a third participant at $375.00. If you are interested in paying for a third participate, please contact Susan at shinkley@haaonline.org

Property Management Leaders:  This event raises money for the Houston Apartment Foundation (HAF) Scholarship Fund. The HAF Scholarship Fund provides monetary assistance to students who are pursuing their credentials.  By simply attending, you are helping us grow talented people to work in the industry.   Suppliers pay to participate and property management company leaders give their time.  Please follow this link to sign up. Property Mgmt Registration Form

These property management companies participated in 2017. 

  1. Abbey Residential        
  2. Allied-Orion       
  3. AMLI Residential     
  4. Asset Plus Companies  
  5. Austin Management Group    
  6. Better World LLC            
  7. Camden  
  8. Capstone Real Estate Services     
  9. Celtic Realty Advisors 
  10. Centra Asset Partners    
  11. Central Management  
  12. City Gate Properties 
  13. Dayrise Residential        
  14. Dinerstein Companies  
  15. Francis Property Mgmt     
  16. Gables           
  17. Greystar   
  18. HM Equity Management  
  19. Harbor Group    
  20. Hettig Management         
  21. Judwin Properties  
  22. Landmark Management Group 
  23. Linebacker Equity Management    
  24. Lincoln Property Company  
  25. Lynd Company     
  26. Milestone Management 
  27. Morgan  
  28. Mosaic Residential   
  29. Pinnacle       
  30. Q10 Property Advisors     
  31. Relik Realty 
  32. Rockstar Capital Mgmt       
  33. SMI Realty Management 
  34. Southhampton Management    
  35. Stellar Equity Management       
  36. Tarantino Properties     
  37. Texas InterFaith Housing    
  38. US Residential Group 
  39. Venterra Realty     
  40. Veritas Equity Management                
  41. Wood Residential