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Obama tells FB friends about Renting

Posted by Government Affairs on Thursday, April 21, 2011



President Obama’s townhall meeting at Facebook headquarters yesterday caught our eye….

It wasn’t because of Obama’s use of social media, but because of his comments regarding housing policy.

The President said:


“The challenge we still have, as your questioner properly points out, is that a lot of people who bought a first home when credit was easy now are finding that credit is tough.  And we've got to strike a balance.  Frankly, there’s some folks who are probably better off renting.  And what we don't want to do is return to a situation where people are putting no money down and they’ve got very easy payment terms at the front end and then it turns out five years from now, because they’ve got an adjustable rate mortgage, that they couldn't afford it and they lose their home.”


We agree, Mr. President!

In Houston, we know that home ownership is not for everyone.  About half of all Houstonians rent their home.  Many of them do so because they enjoy the maintenance-free lifestyle that goes along with renting.  Apartment renters don’t have to worry about cutting the yard or fixing the toilet.  Renters also don’t have to worry about selling a home, if they want to take a job in another part of the country.
A team of HAA members visits with our Congressional delegation in Washington every year during the National Apartment Association’s Capitol Conference to share information on our NAA/NMHC joint legislative priorities.  Balanced housing policy has long been a part of the message.

For more information on NAA’s legislative activities visit www.naahq.org.

HAA members can also get involved with HAA’s Political Action Committee.

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