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Posted by Government Affairs on Thursday, April 7, 2011

Still not a member of HAA? This month's edition of ABODE features members who have found success through HAA membership. Read how HAA has helped suppliers grow their brand below and consider joining today.

During the campaign, ABODE has invited recruiters and vendor members who have found great success with HAA to share their stories and tell what HAA means to their careers and businesses. This month we feature supplier member and Ambassador Todd Bennett, THS Texas, who has seen his company grow tremendously after just a few years of membership.

Q:Your company has been a member for HAA just a few years. What made you decide to join?
A: Our company saw a great deal of value in becoming members of the HAA. One of our continual goals as a company is to grow the THS brand across the southwest region, and we knew that the Houston market was the place to start. What better way to get your fingers on the pulse of one of the largest multifamily markets in the country than to surround yourself with the industry’s best and most seasoned veterans?

Q: Why have you stuck with us? How has being an HAA member helped your business?
A: THS does not consider our membership with HAA as a “nice to have” but rather a privilege. Our membership provides opportunities to connect and network with a multitude of clients and vendors, as well as to continue our education of the industry – two very important components for being successful in this business.
Being a member of the HAA has helped us grow tremendously. As mentioned before, one of the key functions of being successful in this market is networking. Events and committee meetings carefully planned by the HAA allow multifamily professionals from all backgrounds and levels of experience to have an opportunity to meet and discuss current issues on many different platforms. These meetings help open doors for new opportunities with new customers as well as educate as a collective group.
One reason behind THS’s success in the HAA has been the HAA staff. Their advice to us as a young company has been invaluable, and we are sincerely thankful for their leadership and guidance.

Q: What advice would you give a new member to help that person be successful in the association?
A: Early in our membership with the HAA, I asked myself the same question. The answer was easy – get involved and stay involved. The more time you invest in your membership, the more you get out of it.
If you are looking for ways to become successful in the association and as an individual, take a look around the room at the next HAA event. One recurring characteristic of all successful members is easy to see – they are all happy to be there and to be involved, which plays a huge role in their success.
For new members, the HAA provides the tools for any individual to become successful. Get involved and stay involved. The role you play as an active member today will help forge your path for success tomorrow.

For more information about the Go-Getter Club or the membership campaign, contact Lisa at 713-595-0322 or lbutler@haaonline.org.


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